A few kind words from our clients…

Toby, my 13 year old Jack Russell cross, has inflammatory bowel disease, immune mediated polyarthritis and osteoarthritis. His stomach cannot tolerate most of the anti-inflammatory medication available for arthritis. My vet suggested hydrotherapy and physiotherapy treatment to help keep his joints mobile. Toby has regular sessions with Nikki. She is an experienced veterinary physiotherapist and hydrotherapist, tailoring each session to Toby’s individual needs, providing laser and electro magnetic therapy and massages his joints in the heated pool. The range of movement he can achieve in warm water is amazing! The water bears his weight and his joints are loosened and exercised in the soothing, warm water. Toby’s regular hydrotherapy sessions have so improved his mobility and have kept him almost completely medication free. I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough – gentle, caring, providing exceptional treatment and advice and even researches ways to improve Toby’s condition. Effective, natural treatment that has kept my beloved Toby active and able to enjoy life!

Val & Toby

Introducing Katie into the rehabilitation programme for our 3 year old Labrador, Byron, was the best decision I could have made.

Having experienced the recovery periods of 2 separate cruciate operations, both without and then with the expertise of Katie, I’m in the perfect position to recommend her and her practice.

Katie has been a calming influence on Byron, having been subjected to so many veterinary examinations he is naturally a bit suspicious, and she manages to ease his (and my!) nerves in order to deliver effective physiotherapy sessions. The sessions and at-home exercises prescribed by Katie have been easy to do and we’ve seen such amazing results in Byron’s mobility – he’s back to being our bouncy pup and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Katie’s approach is professional and friendly and she really cares about her patients, following up regularly and acting as an invaluable link between our local vet, physio treatment and surgical specialist, which ensured Byron received the best care possible. I whole heartedly recommend Katie and would urge anyone with rehabilitation needs to get in touch.

Linzi & Byron

I am so grateful that I have found Nikki to take care of my dogs. Nikki supervised Bing’s recovery after he was injured by another dog in the park, and from then on has maintained his physical wellbeing, making sure that his level of fitness is good enough to compete at the highest level of agility in the UK. He has gone on to qualify for major finals, and has been selected to join the GB Squad.  My dogs all love her and I have complete confidence in her abilities to keep them at their physical best. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Hannah, Mr Bing & Deece

Katie has been a life saver for my excitable spaniel, Mango.

Mango had cruciate ligament surgery and also suffers from early onset arthritis. Our vet referred us to Katie for physiotherapy to help stabilise her condition and make her more comfortable. Katie calmly and patiently built up Mango’s trust to the point where she allows herself to be manipulated. Mango also now enjoys hydrotherapy sessions with both Katie and Nikki, who give me tips and advice on how to handle Mango between sessions. The benefits for Mango are absolutely clear and she would write a glowing testimonial if only she could.

I couldn’t recommend Katie and Nikki more highly.

Rachel & Mango

I have two dogs that have been seeing Nikki and Katie for almost a year now. They have physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for very different reasons, but have both had fantastic outcomes. My older dog, Lupin, has hip dysplasia and the reason for his therapy is to keep him fit and feeling well. He went from being in chronic pain, almost unable to do stairs, back to his normal, wiggly self. My younger dog, Luna, is a top agility dog and was having a lameness issue. Nikki helped Luna get back into top shape and ready to compete in agility at Crufts. I highly recommended Bach Canine Rehab for any of your dog’s physical needs.

Steph, Lupin & Luna

I was first introduced to Katie of Bach Canine Rehab for physio and hydrotherapy treatment when our Golden Retriever had become almost completely immobile, as a result of degenerative arthritis, and we feared the worst. With Katie’s excellent work Sydney was able to regain good mobility and we have gone on to enjoy her for a further two years. She continues to have regular treatment and maintains good mobility. I have always found Katie’s attention to detail, skills and professionalism second to none. We are so thankful that we found Bach Canine Rehab to give our old dog a new lease of life!

Sally & Sydney

The treatment Dave has received at Bach Canine Rehab has been second to none. After 2 emergency back operations his movement was compromised to put it mildly. We were warned by the surgeon and vets that his future movement would be limited. Thanks to the amazing work by both Katie and Nikki he has gone from strength to strength and the improvement in his mobility has been extraordinary. The mixture of physio and hydro really has worked miracles on Dave and I cannot thank and recommend them enough.

Kate & Dave

Lexi, my normally highly energetic, 5 year old chocolate labrador had a ruptured a cruciate which had been surgically repaired by TPLO. The initial recuperation was excellent so we only came to Katie for hydrotherapy at around 5 months post op when Lexi’s recovery had slowed down enormously and she was still pretty lame.

Initially, Lexi was anxious about the pool but by the 3rd or 4th session, Katie’s patient and relaxed influence was paying off and she now walks down the ramp into the water with minimal encouragement and executes the exercises expected from her with much greater confidence. She also receives land-based pulsed magnetic field and low level light therapies, all of which have resulted in Lexi now being fully mobile once again.

Katie shows great understanding and genuine care throughout with a true interest in each dog she treats and it’s well-being. She is extremely friendly and also highly efficient in liaising between vets, insurance companies etc making the whole process a smooth one.

The facilities at Bach Canine Rehab are fantastic and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. So much so, I now also take one of my other labradors for general fitness and injury prevention, as a precautionary measure!

Tammy & Lexi

I was referred to Bach Canine Rehab by my vet after my dog, Santos, suffered a lower back spinal injury last year and he required hydrotherapy to help re-build his muscles and strength. Both Nikki and Katie have been more than amazing and have taken such good care of him. The progress he has made is incredible and I feel he is almost his normal self. Both Katie and Nikki have such a good approach to treating and dealing with rehabilitation and I am glad I was referred to them as I trust their capabilities and knowledge. I am more than happy to recommend their services.

Dini & Santos

I cannot recommend Bach Canine Rehab enough! I took my 4 year old Labrador to see Katie after cruciate ligament surgery and I can’t believe how well she has recovered. Hope (my dog) can run, jump and play like she used to and is stronger than she was pre-surgery. Katie made both myself and Hope feel extremely comfortable. Hope particularly enjoyed splashing around in the pool and having treats whilst I loved watching my beloved dog recover quickly and correctly with Katie’s tender loving care.

Klara & Hope