A few kind words…

Our Clients

Scrappy was referred to BCR after having a spinal stroke (FCE).  He also has patella luxation, instability in his hock joints and signs of arthritic change in his forelimbs.  Scrappy has had a great new lease of life and shows more supple movement.  He is playful and enthusiastic to go walks now, not weary and tired.  I know that Scrappy’s conditions cannot be cured but rehab therapy at BCR has given Scrappy much better mobility and I have a happy dog which make me a happy owner!

Caron & Scrappy

The benefits for Mango are absolutely clear and she would write a glowing testimonial if only she could.  I couldn’t recommend Katie and Nikki more highly.

Rachel & Mango

I am so grateful that I have found Nikki to take care of my dogs. Nikki supervised Bing’s recovery after he was injured by another dog in the park, and from then on has maintained his physical wellbeing, making sure that his level of fitness is good enough to compete at the highest level of agility in the UK. He has gone on to qualify for major finals, and has been selected to join the GB Squad.  My dogs all love her and I have complete confidence in her abilities to keep them at their physical best. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Hannah, Mr Bing & Deece

Bach Canine Rehab were recommended to me by my vet after my young Labrador needed two cruciate surgeries. Katie has helped maintain a strong and pain free recovery, as well as managing any flare ups he has experienced, by reviewing and adjusting his treatment depending on his needs.

Katie and Nikki are not only experts in their field, but truly love and care for the dogs they treat, and create a calm environment for them and owners alike. I’ve always felt as though we’re in the best possible hands and highly recommend them.

Linzi & Byron

My 10-year-old staffy x Tilly has been coming to Bach Canine Rehab regularly for over three years now. She started her sessions after she ruptured her cruciate ligament.  However, over the years she also ruptured the other cruciate ligament, was diagnosed with elbow arthritis and had spinal surgery for a bulging disc. During these tough times her visits to BCR have been an absolute godsend. Nikki and Katie are fantastic, they are both so professional, knowledgeable and calm and patient with Tilly who can be a real worrier – with a default to then be very silly! They never push her; everything is done quietly and when she is ready. We have been set a home program of various exercises to help strengthen her, all easy to do. Neither of the girls mind me getting in touch if I have a question or concern and I feel I have real back up from them whenever I need it.

We know that Tilly’s issues won’t go away and over time will deteriorate, but with their treatment, help and advice I’m managing to keep Tilly really fit, well and happy.

I’m so glad BCR were recommended to me; I honestly don’t know what me or Tilly would do without them.

Nicky & Tilly

We are so thankful that we found Bach Canine Rehab to give our old dog a new lease of life!

Sally & Sydney

The treatment Dave has received at Bach Canine Rehab has been second to none.  The mixture of physio and hydro really has worked miracles for Dave and I cannot thank and recommend Nikki and Katie enough.

Kate & Dave

The facilities at Bach Canine Rehab are fantastic and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. 

Tammy & Lexi

I cannot recommend Bach Canine Rehab enough! I loved watching my beloved dog recover quickly and correctly with Katie’s tender loving care.

Klara & Hope

Both Katie and Nikki have such a good approach to treating and dealing with rehabilitation and I am glad I was referred to them as I trust their capabilities and knowledge. I am more than happy to recommend their services.

Dini & Santos

Our Vets

We have been referring our cases to Katie and Nikki at Bach Canine Rehabilitation Centre for several years now, and we have been delighted with the results!  They work closely with us to achieve the optimum results for the patient and are sensible and thorough in their approach to cases.  I use acupuncture for a lot of my patients, and they work their hydrotherapy sessions around my treatments to get the best results of using a multimodal approach to the many musculoskeletal disorders we treat.  We are very lucky to have such a great service on our doorstep.

Christabel Moseley BVSc MRCVS

Clinical Director, Twickenham Veterinary Surgery

It is a joy to work with Bach Canine Rehab. They are highly skilled professionals, approaching every case with such care and detailed, tailored attention. All their staff are enormously friendly, and you can tell they have a real passion for their patients. By working alongside one another, I feel we are able to to help support our shared patients towards their best possible recovery.

Elly Berry BSc BVet Med MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon, Alcombe Veterinary Surgery, Whitton

Our Students

I spent 22 weeks with Bach Canine Rehab as part of my placement year at University. Not only did I expand the basic knowledge I had, but I learned that being a Veterinary Physiotherapist was much more than anatomy and biomechanics. Nikki and Katie, alongside their exceptionally kind, understanding and respectful natures, taught me what being a Veterinary Physiotherapist would really be about – and I loved every minute! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

HAU BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapy student

As a student of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Lisbon, I had the great opportunity to carry out my curricular internship in the UK and complete my final dissertation under Katie’s guidance at Bach Canine Rehab. 

Throughout my internship I was able to observe and participate in different rehabilitation modalities including hydrotherapy, laser and pulsed magnetic field therapy, massage and active and passive exercises while at the same time strengthening knowledge in the fields of neurologic and orthopaedic disease management. 

During this time I was very lucky to get to know Nikki and Katie on a more personal level and form a great relationship with both. I am very grateful for all the help, support and knowledge shared with me and thank them for showing me a way of working with animals that privileges comfort and considers restrictions whilst ultimately getting the best results. My time at Bach Canine Rehab is surely one I will never forget.

University of Lisbon Veterinary Medicine student