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A selection of interesting articles relating to your dog!

What goes into maintaining a canine hydrotherapy pool?

Sparkling clean water is something which we have always been a bit obsessed with at Bach Canine Rehab. Our water quality is hugely important to us and something we think about constantly. Having dogs (often a bit grubby from having a good time in the park!) in the...

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Electrotherapies: Another tool in our kit

Many people who bring their dogs to see us are unfamiliar with one big element of our toolkit – the electrotherapies we use (also referred to as electrophysical agents, or EPAs).  We often get asked what they are and how they work….so we thought….time for a blog!! We...

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HEP and CYC!

Canine rehabilitation is a process that takes place both in the clinic but also, and very importantly, in the home.  The clinic sessions themselves are a chance for us to evaluate your dog and then provide appropriate physio and hydro treatment.  However, what happens...

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Remote Consultations: How does it work?

Covid-19 has thrown a lot of different challenges at all sorts of businesses and we were no exception!  It forced us to think about different ways to try and support our owners and their dogs when we were not able to see them in clinic.  As a result, we developed a...

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Consent Based Rehab – how does this apply to dogs?

At Bach Canine Rehab, we aim to put canine comfort and welfare at the forefront of all our interactions with our canine patients. Canine comfort and welfare are the reasons we became therapists in the first place and are what inspires and motivates us on a daily...

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