The Centre

Our centre is specifically designed to ensure each detail promotes comfort and aids your dog’s mobility.


Centre features include:

  • Spacious reception and waiting area (with a small range of specially selected products for sale)
  • Separate entrances to the physiotherapy consult room and the hydrotherapy room to ensure there are no interruptions or distractions during your dog’s session
  • Proprioceptively-enriched flooring
  • All treatment facilities are on the ground floor so no need to negotiate stairs


Hydrotherapy room key features:

  • A 4m x 2m pool accessed via bespoke ramp on a gentle gradient. There are various internal resting platforms to ensure your dog remains comfortable throughout the sessions and to allow for a range of treatment techniques
  • State of the art underwater treadmill with a walk through design, low gradient access ramps, manual incline options
  • The water in our pool and treadmill is heated to between 30-32 degrees which has been proven to be the optimum range for rehabilitation
  • We use low levels of chlorine to sanitise the water and this is carefully monitored throughout the day to ensure it stays within a safe range


We also have free on site parking directly in front of the centre, so no long walks to or from your parking space!