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Puppies – a canine physio’s perspective!

Introducing a new puppy into the household is a very exciting and indeed life-changing time. However, there are many things to consider and be aware of, both in terms of choosing a pup, and in the very formative early months of ownership. As canine...

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Home adjustments

Here at Bach Canine Rehab, we often recommend some home adjustments or changes of management for our owners and canine patients. Some of these changes are specific to the patient and their circumstances however many of these suggestions are beneficial to the majority...

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Running with your dog

Now that we are finally enjoying some better weather it is lovely to see some people enjoying a run with their dogs. This can be a great way to exercise with your pet but there are some things to keep in mind to help avoid injuries and to keep your dog happy and...

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Harnesses vs collars

Here at Bach Canine Rehab, we regularly recommend that owners walk their dogs on a harness, rather than a collar. There are many reasons why we suggest this – so we thought – time for a blog! Firstly, a collar round the neck, with a lead attached, will often end up...

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Hyponatremia: a word few dog owners may be aware of. However, it describes a potentially fatal condition that could affect your dog, and even kill your dog. And if you allow your dog to swim, or play with the hose, it is a word you should definitely know the meaning...

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